Our website for January is the most interesting

Cat Obormot welcomes you already in the new year! We are not empty-handed, but with the next portion of cat's interests. Stay with us, there is still a lot of new and useful for cat lovers!

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Our website for January is the most interesting
When you are plump but still graceful

January reviews of dry and wet feed

  • Another product of German origin - dry food Wildcat , very pleased us with its unusual design and excellent composition.
  • But Gina’s Wildy feed upset the slurred composition, the presence of cereals in the composition, and even the violation of the calcium / phosphorus ratio.
  • We considered canned food from Brit Care an acceptable option of additional nutrition.
  • Czech Ontario feeds despite their low cost were not distinguished by either high quality or detailed composition - most of the ingredients are unknown. Alas, it doesn’t smell like super premium.
  • Wet products from Leonardo pleased more than the drying of the same name - if we have questions about canned goods, then full-time spiders are of quite decent quality.

Veterinary science

Our website for January is the most interesting
Earring just came. We played a little ...
  • The greasy tail is an unpleasant cosmetic defect that is often diagnosed in both castrated and non-castrated cats (less commonly in cats). In the article we told in detail how to deal with misfortune.
  • Sarcoptosis and cat knothedrosis are species of cat scabies caused by mites. How to treat it, read here .
  • Physiologically, cats tolerate hypothermia rather than overheating, so in the hot season there is an increased risk of getting heat stroke. Here we will tell you how to give your cat first aid and how to ease its condition in the heat.
  • In the warm season and especially the summer season, cats often become victims of bee / wasp stings. How to help the poor thing in this case, read here .

Cat news

The owner of the "Angry Cat" (Eng. Grumpy cat) seized 710 thousand dollars from the coffee shop for copyright infringement. Earlier, the coffee house and Grumpy cat Limited signed a contract under which the institution could use the image of an Internet star on the packaging of one of its drinks - Grumpuccino, but an unscrupulous institution violated the terms of the contract by releasing the eponymous grade of ground coffee and Tramp's images.

In France, a very clever kitten was found wandering around at the train station of the commune of Sartes. By hook or by crook, he tried to get into the carriage. Attempts to drive away the animal were unsuccessful, as a result, the controller felt sorry for the baby and took it with him. In the carriage, a cat (the controller came up with her name - Noisette fr. Hazelnuts) behaved calmly, sat in place and occasionally meowed. The controller posted her photo on Twitter with a call to help find hosts for the clever.

At Le Mans station, Noisette was handed over to the workers of the railway company, where she was warmed and fed. Thanks to the publication on Twitter, the hostess was very quickly found. Seeing the publication, she contacted the employees of the railway company and on the same day came for her favorite.

Our website for January is the most interesting
Pretty Noisette

Popular articles

Our site for January is the most interesting
I’ll go to all the hooters!
  • How to determine feline age? At what age is a cat considered young and at what old? Read about it here .
  • Why do cats watery eyes? What diseases can cause feline tears?
  • All about cat stress - how to recognize and how to fight.

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