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Purina ProPlan is a premium cat food (super premium, given the veterinary line) of the class , which should not be confused with Purina Cat Chow and Purina ONE, other feeds of the same company. They should not be confused, because they differ significantly in quality - while Cat Chow can be safely ranked as an economical poison for cats, the quality of ProPlan and ONE is somewhat higher, these are quite decent feeds.

Purina ProPlan is represented in three areas:

  1. Dry food for healthy cats.
  2. Wet canned food (spiders).
  3. Veterinary medical feed line.

ProPlan - balanced feed. This means that if you feed them your cat, no food additives are required. In general, if dry food is chosen as a diet, forget about all sorts of additives and a variety of diets, unless they are recommended by a veterinarian after a thorough examination of the animal. Foods of super-premium and holistic classes do not need any additions.


The protein content in ProPlan is very good - 40% (this may be too much for castrates and sick cats, but for a healthy, active animal, that’s it). However, do not rush to rejoice - you should first study the label to understand what these 40% of the protein are made up of.

purine proplan A significant plus - in the feed there is real chicken meat (of course, there are varieties with salmon, duck, etc., but in fact all these flavoring additives make up only 2-3% of the total meat in the feed, the basis will still be chicken; do not fall for this advertising rod).

Then the trouble begins. A significant percentage of the protein in the feed is vegetable:

  • soy flour;
  • soy protein concentrate;
  • corn gluten.

Of all these components that are undesirable in the composition of the feed, the worst of all is corn - firstly, it is almost always GMO; secondly, of all cereals, corn is the cheapest and most harmful for cats. In many animals, this ingredient causes allergies with combs and hair falling out.

Far from the first place in the list of ingredients is poultry offal. Simply put, ground waste (not meat or even internal organs!). Feathers, paws, heads ... not what is really useful to your pet.

No less harmful and doubtful are two more components that are in ProPlan - this is the liver and animal fat. There is a lot of liver for cats, but what is animal fat (the manufacturer does not give specifics - what kind of animals are meant), one can only guess.

Another advantage of the feed is that rice was used as a cereal crop (perhaps this is the most suitable cereal). But right next, we read: “wheat flour” - and this is already an allergen.

In addition, some varieties of ProPlan use cellulose powder and brewer's yeast, which can also cause allergies.

I would also like to note that the ProPlan contains enzymes and probiotics that are useful for cat digestion - this is a very positive feature that distinguishes super-premium food. In addition, vitamins and minerals are present in the feed, with a very good ratio of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium (this is important for good kidney function!).

Thus, the feed contains both undoubtedly useful and rather harmful components. Of course, it would be better to choose a higher class food for the animal - for example, Go Natural , NOW, Acana , Felidae, etc. But among the inexpensive options ProPlan is a good choice. After a week or two, the cat will eat only this food, you should check it with the veterinarian - if the tests are good and the food is properly digested, then ProPlan is quite suitable for your pet.

Pluses of this feed

  • There is both dry food and spiders.
  • A good line of medicinal feed (use as directed by a veterinarian!).
  • The composition contains real meat, a significant percentage of animal protein.
  • Reasonable prices, widespread.
  • Enzymes and probiotics are included in the feed.
  • The composition is balanced, no additives are required.

Cons of this feed

  • Many plant proteins in the composition, soy and corn are present.
  • Among the components are allergens.
  • Not enough vegetables in the composition.
  • Not all ingredients can be called quality and healthy.

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  • You’ll read something about any food - everywhere there is something harmful. and how to feed your pet ...

  • Before writing something, it would be nice to understand this.

    Quote: Among the components there are allergens - any substance can act as an allergen (there are differences: a pure immune reaction to proteins, intolerance to proteins without immune reactions to proteins) and the more diverse the composition, the more likely allergens.

    Quote: Not all ingredients can be called high-quality and useful - on the basis of what such a conclusion, it seems to you so ?!

    Quote: Not enough vegetables in the composition - in none of the guidelines on feeding cats, dogs and other carnivores I did not meet the recommended amount of vegetables in the diet, but I found levels of fiber and prebiotic (soluble) fibers and sugars, and vegetables are not the best choice as their sources .

    And as a source of vitamins and minerals (given their% content in any feed brands on the market) are not significant. I’m ready to clarify a number of points if the author is actually mistaken, and not purposefully writes, that would “unobtrusively” push the consumer to a very specific brand.

    Tired of marketing psychologists, where objective information, probably only on the websites of manufacturers. I am also sure that the hills and Royal Canin were gently poured with mud. I’ll go and see.

    • 1. What exactly confused you in allergens? Any substance in any animal or person can cause allergies. Another question is that there are compounds that can cause allergies in 99% of cases with a predisposition.

      2. If you have not met the norm of vegetables in the diet of cats, then this does not mean that such does not exist! Vegetables, root and tubers up to 10%, an average of 5%.

      3. Clarify, it is interesting to listen to the opinions of other people about this or that information.

    • And how do you, for example, feedback from customers of a pet store about the well-being of their animals as a result of feeding the Pro Plan? And they are almost all negative.

  • Good food. For many years I feed the cat to them. At first they ate for the choosy, then for a while they ate Bozita. When the interruptions in the supply of Bosita began, they began to sort out the feed. Akana and Origen did not fit - the cat had constipation from them. Nau caused a strong molt. A couple of days of feeding the Trainer and the cat was delivered to the vet clinic with a terrible allergy (swelling of the eyes, lips, combs, vultures). I had to inject steroids, and give suprastin. Immediately, the doctor recommended transferring to the Pro Derma Plus plan with salmon. Now we eat Derma plus with salmon, sometimes Adalt with salmon or Delicatessen. For 4 years there were no cases of allergies. The cat feels great, confirmed by analyzes. I always recommend Proplan to my friends.

  • For several years they fed the cat a Pro Plan for castrati (turkey), everything was fine. A couple of months ago, as usual, we bought the same food and it began to vomit periodically (which never happened!). Health is normal, the cat is vaccinated and there are no symptoms of the disease, except periodic nausea. I decided to look at the packaging of the feed and found a different composition! It turns out that the feed production is no longer France (on the packaging it is designated as FR), but Russia (it is designated as RU). Finding feed from France was not an easy task, now we are thinking about changing feed :(

    • Olga, and we have the same thing started! Did everything go well with you? Have you switched to a new feed?

    • And I kept wondering why my cat was so abruptly sick ?! Refuses to eat, nausea and passive became. Today I bought another food, I ate - it was already popping behind my ears, I would have eaten almost nothing for a week. Feels the setup.

    • We have the same story with a dog. For several years they fed the Pro Plan and suddenly a terrible allergy to food: all the skin in blisters and bald spots. Were in shock. And when we looked at the packaging, we found out that the manufacturing country had changed. Was France, became Russia. They left this food, and before that they still treated how much ... The main thing is that the packaging has not changed at all, only a few letters, and such crap ...

  • Great came across a site and this feed. I was looking for about “proplan” - equipment that is used in the laboratory at the medical facilities. But such an answer is also nothing. thanks Google

  • In general, a good analysis ... But as someone above, it’s worth writing about some things only after I figured out them ... I specifically amused the following moment:

    "Firstly, it's almost always GMOs"

    GMO phobes and GMO phobias amuse zelo. As a rule, they are based on a banal ignorance of the fundamentals of biology, including and the school course, ignorance of what is already known to modern science, and that if you wish, it’s very easy to dig out and find out + hear the horror stories from anti-GMO people like Ermakova and Seralnya.

    You can discuss the usefulness of corn and other cereals as such in cat food and their allowable share ... but GMOs do not carry any particular harm to animals and humans - this is a scientific fact.

  • For 4 years they fed a castrated cat with Pro-plan food for castrates, everything was fine. A month ago, the cat began vomiting, after eating, then constipation began. As a result, on the advice of a veterinarian, I had to water the cat with liquid paraffin, which did not help much, they made an enema. For eight days the cat lay in bed and didn’t eat anything on its own, force-fed chicken broth from a spoon. Now we switched to natural, the cat is gradually recovering. Friends have exactly the same picture with feed Hills. It turns out that both of these feeds are now produced in Kaluga.

  • We feed our cat with proplan, because, living in a shelter, he got used to him and only recognizes him. There is no constipation, the hair does not fall out, there is no allergy either, except that the cat began to rapidly gain weight due to eating too often, now we are trying to reduce the portion and their new food with a low fat content.

  • Greetings from Lithuania, Klaipeda.
    We have two cats and a cat. Cats are sterilized, the cat is neutered. We feed PRO PLAN Sterilised for several years, as found the food that all three pets eat. BUT. For the past year I have been observing the poor condition of the coat. One cat climbs very much, the other rolls into lumps, and the cat generally dandruff ... I'm going to change food. I am very glad that I found your site, here I see a lot of useful information!
    Conclusion: I do not recommend Purina Pro PLAN.

  • I have 8 cats of different ages, five from 15 to 18 years old, since birth they only ate delicate propane. Two years ago, suddenly, during the week, I began to notice that the food in the feeders was not eaten. Previously - always - cats rushed straight to him and ate with great appetite ... there was nothing left, and they asked for supplements ... I thought I was snickering, but soon noticed that all the cats itch like they have fleas. Two hours after eating. Everyone had scratches in the same place, then these scratches turned into weeping eczema. It was at the same time like lichen, the plague, and all the horrors of the world. Over the course of a month, the hair on cats began to gradually disappear. Shreds. In the stool, everyone took turns bleeding. Tests showed no pathogens in the digestive tract or on the skin. I suspected a proplan last of all, well this is super premium food. I started buying it a little in other stores, and not in where I always bought (near the house). All sellers swore and swore that it was "from the manufacturer." French, not even Russian. All markings were 2 ", and the letters on the packages and barcodes. Cats were rapidly losing weight, doctors all denied as one that it could be a hypoallergenic type of proplan delicacy. We were barely saved, our hair and health were restored for 8-9 months. Huge amounts of money were spent on tests, doctor visits, and medications. And by the way, the feed now does not have the look that they had before, before all this. Feed particles of different shapes, but before they were the same, one to one, like tablets from a blister. Now - if you put them on the table - you can clearly see: artisanal production, from unknown crap


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