Hills Cat Food: Review, Reviews, and Tips

The Hills Feline cat food line is a premium (according to some sources - super-premium) class . Conventionally, they can be divided into two large groups:

  • dry food and wet canned food for healthy cats, suitable for a daily menu;
  • a medical line of feeds, both dry and canned, for cats with various diseases.

As a rule, medicinal feeds are prescribed by veterinarians as the most suitable diet for certain diseases. However, the owner, who knows his pet well, can choose the right food on his own, as the Hills packaging always indicates which cat is suitable for cats (with a sensitive stomach, for neutered cats, etc.).

It is not recommended to feed a healthy animal with medicinal feeds - for example, a diet for a cat with gastritis should contain much less protein, so it will not work for a healthy pet.

Unfortunately, the daily feed of the Hills is seriously inferior in quality and composition to the nutritional benefits of the same company. Many felinologists and veterinarians advise you to buy super-premium feed for healthy animals, and preferably a holistic class. But the Hills treatment line practically does not cause any complaints and can really save the life of a sick pet (of course, along with the necessary medicines and veterinary care).

The advantages of this brand of cat food

  • Reasonable prices.
  • One of the best premium feeds is significantly more beneficial for a cat than lower quality feeds like Kiticket and Whiskas.
  • For many animals, not too picky and sensitive, this food is great.
  • The content of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus is perfectly balanced.
  • The composition on the feed packaging is described in detail.
  • Great food for kittens.
  • Professional medicinal feed, truly super-premium quality.
  • Very often in small pet stores Hills - this is the best that is in stock.

Cons of this brand

  • Too high a percentage of vegetable protein that is not very beneficial for cats.
  • The food contains a lot of carbohydrates that are poorly processed by the cat's body (cereals, corn gluten, etc.).
  • In many animals, it causes allergies.
  • Owners of cats note that when using the Hills food, an unpleasant smell of animal excrement is intensified, which can be an alarming signal of intestinal problems.
  • Wet feed of this company is inferior in quality to dry.

It is very important to understand that each animal needs an individual approach: one cat can feel fine eating Hills, the other will begin to have health problems. Therefore, when offering a cat a new food, monitor its condition, and after a week or two hand it over to a veterinary clinic - by their results it will be clear how the food is absorbed.

Please note: For several years, the production of feed Hills appeared in Russia. This fact causes a real panic among the owners, as a sharp drop in feed quality and a huge number of cheap fakes are expected. So the quality of the feed really depends on the country in which it is produced - see the codes on the packages. It still turned out to be rumors, but to carefully study the packaging would not be superfluous!

линейка кормов для кошек Hills

Which feed hills will suit my cat?

  • For kittens: Hills Science Plan Kitten Chicken (for kittens, with chicken), Hills Science Plan Kitten Tuna (for kittens, with tuna), Nature Best Kitten with Chicken (for kittens, with chicken and vegetables).
  • For young castrated cats: Hills Science Plan Young Adult Sterilized.
  • For healthy adult cats: Adult Feline Hairball Control (for furry cats, help with hair removal), Adult Feline Sensitive Skin (for cats with sensitive skin), Adult Feline Sensitive Stomach (for cats with sensitive stomachs), Adult Feline Oral Care (care for oral cavity), Indoor Cat Adult (for cats at home, weight control), Light Feline Adult with Chicken (low-calorie food), Feline Adult Chiken / Tuna / Rabbit / Lamb (food with chicken, tuna, rabbit, lamb), Senior 7+ (for older cats).
  • For obese cats: Hill's Prescription Diet R / D treatment for obesity.
  • For GI Disorders: Hill's Prescription Diet Low Fat / Diabet W / D, Hill's Prescription Diet I / D.
  • For cats with kidney and heart disease: Hill's Prescription Diet K / D.
  • For cats with allergies: Hill's Prescription Diet Z / D.
  • For cats with liver disease: Hill's Prescription Diet L / D.
  • For the prevention and treatment of ICD: Hill's Prescription Diet C / D.

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  • The article contains an error: cons are repeated at the end of the list of pluses.

  • Please check the information! Feed Hills is not produced in Russia. This is due to the fact that Hills does not have a feed factory in Russia.
    And could you tell the difference between the premium and super-premium? Everywhere the information that Hill's still applies to feeds of super-premium class.
    Thanks for attention.

    • You are right, it is not being released in Russia - there were a lot of rumors and conjectures on this subject, but still it was really just rumors. As for gradation (premium, super-premium): we must understand that this is more likely a “marketing” division of the price segment than some generally recognized classification since Hills has a powerful treatment line, it is often referred to as super-premium, non-therapeutic food is closer to premium. Therefore, it is fair to say that hills is somewhere in between the premium and the super premium :)

    • A very good series, with an ideal composition, is in no way inferior to expensive feeds, while maintaining a balance of trace elements.

  • The cat was prescribed therapeutic k / d - he has severe diarrhea from this food. Before that I ate straight and sometimes grandorf - everything was fine. I looked - in Grandorf 12% fat, in k / d - 20.5 .. Maybe because of this? The choice of other medicinal feeds for the kidneys is small - either Royal (there are many reviews that cats eat it poorly) or Purina (I read on your site that there are a lot of protein and protein in it, but 12% fat) .. I will buy purine for testing. And if it doesn’t, I’ll leave it at Grandorf. his composition is really good) will there really be something bad for his kidneys? And the veterinarian does not even know about this feed.

    • You will kill your cat. Grandorfe has a lot of protein, which is bad for a cat with kidney failure. They are contraindicated in protein. Do not do your cat bad, just because you like the composition of the feed. It’s not for you to eat it, it’s the same as giving a person with type 2 diabetes a spoonful of sugar.

  • Food i / d helped us a lot, then we fed z / d when digestion was restored switched to food for sterilized cats, now we feed them. The food is actually very good, in the line you can choose the one that is necessary for a certain period, thanks to the feed the cat’s hair is already shiny ..

  • We have tried all feeds of this company, all the basic rations. Now my cats eat Nature Best, and in the store everyone persuades me to try the ideal balance line. I really like the state of the cat in nature best, and the composition is just wonderful.

  • And now we have a kitten, so we feed the kittens food, we stopped at the science plan series and the baby eats it very well and is growing actively.

  • Such a question about the negative sides of the feed. Where did you get this information? For interest, see the composition carefully. Especially for ash - this indicates the quality of the protein. 5.4; 5.1 are very good indicators, these are not 7 and 6.7, these are the majority of other feeds supposedly natural.
    Pay attention to phosphorus (P). This indicates how much physiology or diet is physiological for an animal. On average, the difference is from 20% to 300% with most feeds.
    In Hills, several types of fiber are difficult to digest to easily digestible, it’s very good for the animal to have motility and develop the norm of flora (very necessary for the body). At the expense of gluten in people, this is about 1 to 0.5% of the population, a problem with gluten. Dogs have even less research that the Irlan Seters have 0.5% for others even less. Cereal corn has the smallest gluten content. Wheat and rice are much more. Therefore, most dogs do not have such a problem. The animal in nature eats rodents, which contains fermented grain, and the rodent's intestines make up 40% of its volume. So there are still bones and skin. And protein is not less than 50%. Protein from 23 to 27%. In the comments there was a question what is a premium class and a super premium class. If this is food to maintain a normal physiological state for a medium-static animal, then this is just food, if there are premium supplements for something pregnant, growing, active, allergic then premium. If several additives (several premiums) then a super premium class. If you look at a pack of the same Hills, there are at least a few bonuses for each physiological state of the animal. Accordingly, there will be a super premium class. And the presence of a large amount of protein and a large number of sources plus a large ash content (respectively, there is not meat flour, but meat and bone) does not indicate primality, but future problems with digestion and allergies.

  • This is our favorite food, finely tuned composition and as a result, wonderful coat, strong bones and teeth and good activity. I don’t see any disadvantages in it, although ... you can’t buy it everywhere, in order to purchase it you must either order it or go to a special store.

  • The cat stopped eating this food. Refuses categorically and even the dog, which used to constantly steal it from the cat, does not eat. And before the cat stopped eating this food, it vomited it, after which the cat lay for a week and ate nothing and could not go to the toilet for the most part, had to do an enema.

  • I do not quite agree with the negative sides of the feed, they sound somehow far-fetched. The feeds are completely salanized, and on the account of allergies, I think that before you say that, statistics are needed on what exactly. Some do have allergies to chicken, but this is an individual.

  • The kitten is the fourth month old, they bought kitty hills, and he swears terribly from him (maybe such a reaction to food? Or after vaccination ??


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