What is the smartest cat breed?

When a person decides to settle a cat in his house, he is faced with the fact that the choice is huge, because there are many breeds, recognized and unrecognized, and each has different colors, variations, types. And these are just cats with pedigrees, and how many purebred beauties and beauties in the world with the most unexpected external data!

In general, pretty soon it turns out that making a choice, evaluating only the beauty of the colors and the length of the coat, is not so simple. Then the enumeration of other criteria begins: what breed of cats is the smartest, the most affectionate, the most friendly.

If friendliness and tenderness for a person can still be tried to evaluate objectively, then there are difficulties with measuring the mental capabilities of animals. Indeed, what is considered the mind? After all, an IQ test cannot be offered to a cat! Is it considered a smart cat that feels the owner’s mood and knows when it’s better not to spin underfoot, and when you can ask for a tasty one again? Or a cat with agent 007 skills - steal food at all costs, cover up tracks, make an innocent “face”? Or maybe someone who understands all the prohibitions and obeys the owners?

The fact is that cats show their intellectual abilities when necessary, while most domestic purrs do not seem to need such a need - they pour food into a bowl, do not threaten danger, you do not need to go outside.

To begin with, any cat can be called smart, because this animal is a predator, and the brain of a predator is more complex than a herbivore. The beast, forced to hunt its breakfast, inevitably becomes smart - or remains hungry.

The Internet is filled with various tops of the smartest cat breeds, but it would be more correct to call them “tops of stereotypes”, often built at random. Voting among cat owners will not solve anything either - everyone will assure that the smartest cat of the smartest breed lives in his house.

It is believed that the most extraordinary mental abilities are found in "yard", that is, outbred cats. Their life is more complicated than sleek aristocrats, it has more dangers and a place of achievement. This statement is not without logic, since it is the mongrels who usually better than others adapt to difficult living conditions. But do not forget that there are "natural" breeds of cats - that is, not human-bred, but historically developed. If we take as the basis the opinion that the smarter than all the cats, "smelling gunpowder" for centuries of the formation of the species, and not for one particular cat's life, it would be logical to assume the superiority of naturally formed breeds over artificially bred.

Among such breeds, one can name, for example, a Siberian cat and its variation, the Neva Masquerade . As a rule, in the cat community they easily occupy the leadership position, and real legends go about their quick wits.

Also, the American Shorthair, Norwegian Forest , Maine Coon , Siamese cat and its closest "relatives" of Balineses can be classified as the most intelligent cat breeds.

By the way, Siamese cats, as a rule, are in the lead both in tops and in polls dedicated to the cat's mind. The reputations of these furry aristocrats can only be envied - they are considered the smartest, most independent and proud of the entire cat tribe. In addition, this halo of intellectual superiority also envelops similar breeds of cats, which are often mistaken for Siamese - these are Thai cats, Balinese, and sacred burma.

But speaking quite seriously, when choosing a cat, look at the website of any cattery of any breed, and in its description there will definitely be the word “smart”. Maybe even "incredibly smart." Draw conclusions ...

The author of the article: Oleynikova Alyona, an artist and lover of cats, especially for our site


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