How to remove the smell of cat urine - proven methods

If a cat, ignoring the tray, chooses a master's bed or other unfortunate place for a toilet, retraining it can be difficult. One of the main difficulties is the elimination of the smell of cat urine, which in itself is very persistent. Focusing on this smell, the animal again and again uses the once-chosen territory as a toilet . Often, as soon as you cross the threshold of an unfamiliar apartment, you know - a cat lives here! Few people want such harsh aromas to envelop their guests. How to remove the smell of cat urine?

First of all, you should think about eliminating the reason that causes the cat to mark the territory . The solution may be castration, the elimination of stress tormenting the animal, the reconstruction of the interior according to the cat's needs for safety ... The main thing is to find out what the problem is and solve it. Otherwise, it will be difficult to combat the smell, which is constantly updated!

First of all, to eliminate the smell of urine, you need to accustom the cat to the tray, eliminating the causes of its behavior.

Another important aspect is not to use chlorine-containing products when washing “affected” sections of the apartment. For some reason, such means are constantly used when washing toilets, but bleaching only enhances the smell of urine.

It is also useless to try to repel the smell by watering the place where the cat made a puddle with perfumes and deodorants, or spraying it with products like Antigadin - most of the cats are indifferent to it.

In addition, it is important to know for which surfaces which odor control is suitable.

Cat odor removers that are always at hand:

  1. The remedy that has become the salvation for many cat owners is vodka. Only in this case you need to take it not inside! Almost any surface can be cleaned with undiluted vodka, and it removes cat's aromas remarkably. The only negative is that the alcoholic spirit from the apartment will then have to be taken out separately, that is, to wash all objects a second time. Vodka is especially good at fighting fresh "crimes."
  2. Another wonderful option is potassium permanganate. It is required to prepare a cool solution and wash the desecrated area with it. The main thing is to make sure that there is no precipitate in the solution - it is the insoluble crystals that leave spots. It is better not to experiment with potassium permanganate on tissues.
  3. Reliable cat odor eliminator is citric acid. It is necessary to dilute the juice from one lemon with 200 ml of water. You can use undiluted juice, if the surface is not too "sensitive". Acid perfectly breaks down the elements that make up cat urine, and the remaining citrus smell also scares the cat away from this place. By the way, sometimes it’s enough to put in a problem place a piece of cloth saturated with the smell of lemon so that the cat stops going there for natural needs.
  4. Ordinary vinegar is one of the leaders in the fight against the "cat spirit". As a rule, it is bred in a proportion of one to three. If the furniture upholstery is damaged, the solution can be poured into a spray bottle and sprayed onto a stain, and then patted with a rag. To enhance the effect, after processing with vinegar, you can additionally use the method with baking soda, described below.
  5. At the "crime scene" left by the cat, especially if it is fresh, you need to pour baking soda and pour 3% hydrogen peroxide solution on top. At first, when the reaction goes, it will smell like ammonia, but then this smell will disappear. It is recommended to leave the soda mixture overnight, and rinse this place properly in the morning. Keep in mind that soda can leave stains on the tissues.


There is a large selection of products specifically designed to destroy the smell of cat urine. They are sold both in the form of a spray and in the form of granules. Many breeders recommend, for example, Nature's Miracle and DUFTAPET products that reliably eliminate unpleasant “aromas” . Before using professional products, it is important to carefully read the instructions for use, since they operate on the basis of enzymes and they take some time to completely eliminate the smell.

It is important! If the cat does not just meet its natural needs, but marks the territory, it will not be easy to cope with the smell without products containing enzymes.

It is important to wash the cat tray from time to time, since it can also be a source of odors, and the cat will not like to go to the dirty, foul-smelling toilet.

Be sure to eliminate the reason why the animal violates your rules. You need to retrain a cat without swearing and screaming, and even more so, you don’t need to poke her nose with her nose into a perfect “crime” - usually this gives the opposite effect.

We hope our tips will help you remove the smell of cat urine. And remember: it is better to prevent such situations than wasting time and energy to deal with the consequences.

The author of the article: Oleynikova Alyona, an artist and lover of cats, especially for our site

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  • This is how POT SHOULD BE PURE - it won’t work a second time, but how to “secretly” it can be repeated!)))

  • smirgorodsky

    Cats do not mark territory - this is the prerogative of cats. Chlorine is harmful to the health of both people and animals, but ozonation helps a lot - all hard-to-reach areas are processed without any harm.

    • Cats can tag too! Some individuals are worse than cats;) And there are cats that mark only in their toilet. These are of course exceptions, but there are ... Our pug did not fall into these exceptions, so the guy was deferred ... But does ozonation help if the labels are not fresh? We probably used all of the above tools, and still the odor remained in some places. Fortunately, the room that the cat has chosen for its dealings is only one (ttt) from the whole apartment and it is extra-free-guest)))

    • Even as they mark! When our cat is hunting, marks throughout the apartment.

    • CATS HOW HOW TO TAG !!!!!!!
      My cat is 11 years old. Marks everywhere. Tortured to remove the smell of tags. Probably already tried everything that is possible. But besides how to remodel, wash, rinse (curtains, curtains, carpets, fringe, etc.) I have not found anything yet.
      To vinegar is indifferent. Citrus does not scare away, soda does not save, ammonia do not care.
      At first they thought that we would solve the problem using sterilization - the veterinarian said that it was not a fact.

  • I ordered a dry fog treatment service, in Moscow it cost about 1200r with departure, six months

  • Unfortunately, home remedies only help for a while, and then the smell comes back again ... I believe that the smell of urine can be defeated only with the help of professional tools like OdorGone.

  • It’s insanely simple to remove the smell: per 100 g peroxide 3%, 1 tsp. soda and 1 tbsp. l liquid detergent (you can shampoo), beat until foam and apply to the place where your pet pee, or mark. The smell disappears instantly. If the puddle is fresh, get wet with napkins. Do not rinse with water !!!
    I saved a woolen carpet, blanket and curtains with this compound ...

    • Thanks for the article and special thanks to Natalia! Your method works great - it helped with the smell of the marks of a mature cat.

    • HUGE HUMAN THANKS !!!! advice is really simple and insanely effective !!! and costs literally a penny. and most importantly, the smell disappeared IMMEDIATELY !!!

    • Natalya!
      THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Thanks to your recipe, I saved the sofa, the smell disappeared right away! And there were old and new spots!

  • Oleg221991

    Recently I bought the Dry Fog apparatus to get rid of the unpleasant smell. After that, all the problems disappeared) Now I remove all the unpleasant odors in one hour!

  • We suffered for a long time with ours, we tried everything both folk and newfangled. We stopped at liquid Vanish. Dilute with cool water and wipe thoroughly. This is our favorite so far. Good luck

  • When we drove into a rented apartment there was a terrible smell of cat urine ... ..

  • and I sprayed all the corners in the apartment with my dargan; now my darling goes to the tray

  • Natalya, thank you so much. Your recipe works at 100%. Although I washed and scrubbed a puddle for a very long time before this, the scent remained as it was. And your method took 15 minutes. Did 30 min. back. I hope it does not appear.

  • One of the tails made a puddle on the carpet and on the pillows, the carpet was first rubbed with Sanox (a chlorine for plumbing) and sprayed with a normal human deodorant, the smell became noticeably smaller. Today I bought a spray from a cat smell — it helped! Pillows sprayed, dried-no smell. With a carpet the same thing, not a trace.

  • Do not suffer. OdorGone, and no problem. What does it delete everything. From the smell of shoes to unpleasant odors in the car. Recommend.

  • Tell me how you can remove the cat smell from a wool blanket AFTER washing? Foolishly gave the blanket described from the edge to a dry-cleaner - now instead of one piece the whole blanket stinks wildly. Is it possible to remove the smell with peroxide and soda if you fill up the entire blanket?

  • I fooled the carpet with a mixture of domestos and bleach. While there was no wet smell, the smell reappeared as it began to dry. I didn’t know what was impossible. The benefit in the refrigerator is lemon. Right now I’ll go and squeeze the juice and rub. I’ll also put the zest - I hope it helps. Thanks for the article and everyone for the comments.

  • Why is it always so complicated? A mixture of a bulldog with a spring) is the simplest way: a few drops of iodine in water and that's it! Wipe the washed place of the “accident” and neither the smell of urine nor the smell of the product (unlike vinegar - you can die!) And no stains! In. And that’s all!

  • And if I brought a large flower pot from the street ... and from it the incredible stink of cat urine ... WHAT CAN YOU REMOVE

  • Good ways, just why nothing has been written about chemistry, folk remedies do not always help, I know the odor drug, it helps to get rid of any smells

  • Well, the author: “Be sure to eliminate the reason why the animal violates your rules. You need to retrain a cat without swearing and screaming, and even more so you don’t need to poke her nose with her nose into a perfect “crime” - usually this gives the opposite effect. ”....... and further: “I hope our advice helped you” AND HOW TO RE-TRAIN THAT? HOW TO ELIMINATE THE REASON, damn smart guys !?

    • The reason for our cat’s unusual behavior was some kind of bladder disease (urine with blood), but we did not notice, because she began to walk under the wall on the carpet. We switched to a special feed - everything returned to normal.

  • The mother-in-law’s cat, where we live with my wife, as she sees me, starts peeing long and in good quality in public and anywhere. We read your article - my mother-in-law believes that I am a source of stress, because I comb out his tsigeyka and sometimes wash in the bathroom. Now in our family the question arose - to get rid of me as a cause of stress or a cat? I have a car, the cat has nothing, but the mother-in-law and wife seem to have a conscience, and it does not allow the cat to be thrown out. Recently, a cat made in our bedroom. I wiped the cat with a cat, and afterwards I used vinegar - it seems that there is an effect. Thank you for the article.

    • The situation with the cat is familiar, only my mother kept cats and they urinated everywhere, even in her bed, and I was probably the reason for the stress of the cats, because when I was not my mother I brutally killed them and even threw them from 3 floors, for which I I almost threw them out onto the street (I love my mother), everything stopped after I put the next cat in a bag and threw it out, but a dog appeared and she began to piss and shit wherever she wanted, and then it dawned on me that the animals were not to blame, this it all depends on the owner, if the owner is a moron or a dumb chicken, then the stomach they’re like that, so don’t fight with a cat, it’s a copy of your wife .. and it will be with every cat that you have .. It’s good that I grew up and quickly left my mother, and now she has a cat and dog toilet in her house, even his son asks not to take it because of the stench.

  • But what if the carpet is old and the smell is settled, but changing it is not an option ..

  • you throw the cat out and there’s no problem, you take the other, if he goes bad, then he’s down the drain for free bread.

  • Leave the poor cat, why throw it away ?!)) But seriously, when the cat begins to urinate in all corners accessible to her, you must first determine the reason for this behavior. It is quite possible this is a disease. Check with your veterinarian. And only then eliminate the smell.

    • My cat is tagging. Twice a year, we fully test it with Veta, she is completely healthy, which makes me incredibly happy. The cat is 11 years old.
      And so she began to behave after the first birth and for 9 years, when she walks. And she walks twice a month every month.

  • Try ozonation, 100% result, checked twice. We have a sterilized cat during the repair puts wonderful marks (probably stressful), which is unrealistic to find. If you know where the "gift" is, then perhaps the above tools will help you, but if it is a carpet or upholstered furniture, do not waste any effort or money. I cleaned a new carpet with different solutions for a month, spent a decent bag on various chemicals. Then I found an advertisement for industrial ozonation in an eco-car wash, 2 hours of ozonation for a moderate fee and no smells, I recommend it!

  • 100% remedy - showing a creamy emulsion for lightening hair. sold in hairdressing shops. I buy a 1 liter bottle. enough for a long time. There is no smell left.


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