How to wean a kitten to bite and scratch - 10 tips

The kitten brings warmth and comfort to the house. How wonderful when a fluffy lump meets you at the door! But the joy of its appearance is often overshadowed by scratches and bites on the hands of the owners. A little kitten does not know how to behave with people, so do not blame him. In this article, we will give some tips on how to wean a kitten to bite and scratch.

Trying to understand the causes of behavior

If the kitten scratches and bites, then you need to get him a scratching post.

The character is laid in childhood, and if you do not wean your pet from the bad habits in infancy, then you definitely will not retrain an adult animal:

  1. Maybe your cat is just scared? You bring a kitten to a new house, squeeze it, stroke it. And for him, such attention is not only unexpected, but also frightening. Therefore, claws and teeth are used. What to do? It is necessary to eliminate the cause of fear. Leave the kitten alone, give it time to get used to and get comfortable. When he realizes that there is no reason to be afraid, he will stop scratching.
  2. Aggression can be instinctive, associated with a violation of personal space. Often the fault is with other animals. A cage with a bird hanging in one of the rooms can irritate the cat so much that it will scratch and bite the owner. It is just an instinct. In the case of this type of aggression, you should not keep the bird (or other obvious irritant) and the cat in the same apartment.
  3. Sometimes a cat can scratch or bite too much during the game. She doesn’t want to hurt you at all, she just doesn’t know that you can’t do this. First of all, you need to buy toys. You can throw them, drag them on a string. The hunting instinct of the animal will be satisfied, and your hands will remain safe and sound.
  4. A little kitten attacks the feet of the owners, and they are touched. Some time passes, and an adult cat repeats the same trick. Once you did not stop this behavior, so the cat sincerely does not understand why you are no longer happy. When a cat aggressively attacks you, you can spray it with water from a spray bottle. Repeat this several times and she will stop doing this.
  5. If the cat begins to scratch or bite, you can also clap your hands. A sharp and loud sound will serve as a kind of limiter and the animal will understand that it is doing wrong.
  6. If the cat still bites you, you can not abruptly pull your hand away. So the prey does - twitches and tries to escape. It’s best not to move or even move your bitten hand towards the cat. She will let you go at a loss.
  7. A domestic cat can become aggressive due to lack of movement. For a cat, constantly living in four walls, the owner sometimes becomes the object of hunting. There is only one way out - you need to offer the cat active games, for example, make her run after the toy on a string so that she does not have the strength to bite you. Or try to accustom to a scratching post .
  8. Cats have a very delicate sense of smell, so any kind of smell can cause aggression. You can bring them into the house, for example, on clothes. The cat smells a threat to its territory and can become aggressive. At the pet store you can purchase a special spray and process some places in your apartment. These smells will calm the cat.
  9. The cat should have its own personal space in which it will feel safe. It does not matter what it will be - a special house or box. Sometimes you just need to make the cat a place where she can relax, and she will become much calmer.
  10. A good way to wean a cat to hurt you is to ignore it. If the cat began to bite you painfully, you just need to get up and leave. She will understand that with such behavior she is not given attention, and will cease to attack.

If you have the idea of ​​a radical solution to the problem - the removal of claws surgically (onihectomy), then drive away such flashing thoughts ! In many countries, such an operation is prohibited, we, unfortunately, do not.

And you?

If you have your own tips on how to wean a kitten to bite and scratch, then write in the comments. Perhaps your experience will help someone!

Remember that a cat is a living creature for which you are responsible. In no case should one beat and offend her; one must be patient and establish contact. This is the key to understanding with your cat.

We recommend reading our review of silicone anti-scratch pads , this can help in the case of an adult animal.

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  • we have a kitten for two months, just a robber, but we began to understand each other all popping water splashing it is a while at home we go all in socks and don’t give a bite to hide, but before going to bed we try to feed it to the dump if it starts to run playing on the bed drag it the first two nights of about fifteen minutes I wrote to the door and closed the door, asked to go to the kitchen and found a place to sleep now, as soon as we go to bed, we lay down near my head on the pillow and the pain starts to fool again She doesn’t meow, and at night when I open the door she comes slowly and goes to bed, you just need to be patient and treat them like young children, and of course bring up. But when he grows up it will bring so much joy to the doctors to speak, even if only looking at the cat, the person’s emotional state will stabilize

    • Love, we have a similar situation now. Only when I start fooling her before going to bed, I just sit down with a bed on the floor several times until she calms down. And the feed does not help, on the contrary, as a meal, it starts to jump around the apartment and drive its toys))))

  • Ah, my cat has grown! I sleep in the room and close the door. And if I open it, it will rush in sharply. Then it is either played or scratched. But if there is nobody at home, then he finds a place and sleeps! ))) They all tell me that claws should be cut off, but I’m totally against it because he just can’t live without the bottom, he won’t be able to climb somewhere, he’ll just gush water !!!!

    • Archakova Nina

      Artyom, I strongly recommend that you ask Santa Claus for the New Year's gift - the ABC Book of the Russian language. Read without a groan Your epistle is categorically impossible !!! Glaring spelling illiteracy !!!! And the claws “OSTRICH” are necessary not for your cat, but directly for you, so as not to interfere with turning over the textbook on spelling for the elementary grades. Regarding attacks on arms and legs at a young age, it must be understood that cats are predators. From birth, each kitten in the litter should take its own hierarchical place. Here and the struggle for leadership, and the development of hunting skills, and just physical exercises. Therefore, the kitten must immediately be made clear that the main thing in the family is not him, but the owner. Some experts recommend taking the kitten by the scruff of his neck, not blinking into his eyes and menacingly hissing (as the cats themselves do). This trick helped me in my relationship with the inadequate 3-year-old Don Sphynx cat (they gave me a temporary overexposure), which sadistically torn her legs, attacking from an ambush. In general, it’s useful to watch a series of programs “Infernal Cat” on “Animal planet” (this the TV has such a channel) ....

    • angelinaz115

      To cut a cat’s nails is not barbarism, it doesn’t harm the pussies if this procedure is carried out correctly. Here is the removal of claws - this is continuous killing.

  • My cat is already almost adult. Before, it bite very much and scratched. But then it stopped. I, naturally, became interested. It turns out that it calms down after the hunt. What it is not about toys and not balls, etc. The real hunt. He lives for the most part on the street. He contrives, catches. That brings a mouse, then a bird. And after that he sleeps, plays, eats, everything is fine, does not scratch. I'm afraid in this way to calm the cat, practically no one will succeed. you buy a bird or a rodent for your cat. But the way is great

  • Hello! We have a kitten 2.5 months old. Recently bought a daughter for a birthday of 4 years. He is very energetic. And in the game it can bite, jump, clutching its claws, scratch. At night, if he wakes up and wants to play, he can play with us in bed and with his daughter. and not just jump in there but also clutch at the legs. I'm very worried about my daughter. Now she left with her grandmother for 2 weeks and they wanted to come up with something to return. We are afraid he will scare her so much at night.

  • I suffered with my kitty. It was impossible not only to pick her up, but even to enter the room. In various ways I tried to wean, pushing a finger into my mouth helped.

  • Good afternoon! I have a Don Sphinx, 4 months. Very playful and sociable kitten. I seemed to cope with scratching by regularly cutting my claws - once a week on the front legs and once every two weeks on the hind legs. But while biting his hands so far can not cope. During the game, the kitten sometimes, perhaps without knowing it, bites its hands very hard. I know that we need to wean him from this bad habit, but I don’t know how yet. I will splash water and clap my hands. )))

  • None of the suggested tips works, they tried everything, picking up their hands is not possible, they don’t know what to do. Children walk around scratching, and gurgled water, and hissed, bought different toys, spanked with a broom, nibbles wires, although the children are very kind, they love animals, how to handle such a kitten again ???

  • My cat is scratching hard while playing, but I made her a corner with the house, on a raised platform, hanging plastic New Year's toys at the entrance to the house and I see that she likes it very much ... But I didn’t leave the bar, except sometimes. It is played with suspended toys and runs into the house ... And recently, well, I just couldn’t accustom it to the house, and stood idle. Cats love the hill, and something else shiny to lure like a magpie;) Well, even the feeling that the load is flying off me ... I know that the cat needs attention and I don’t accept splashing with water ... I need to do something, I also try to play with a toy on a stick and drive it ... Well, let's see. You just need to create their own world, because they also need to be busy with something ... Acts when I take it by the scruff of a cat wears kittens and then it calms down as it feels authority, as from a mother - a cat.
    Much needs to be done to keep the cat busy and comfortable, and not just as a prefix in the house in which there is no place for her. If you take a cat, it’s also responsibility, as if it were a child. This is the child ... Run away, as I read and close the door so you show fear of her, she will be even more aggressive from this!
    You just do not spare your mind and look for a place on a hill in the room where you most stay and put a house there. Cats love to be on high ground because they love to watch. Well, at least not a tall, but elevated place and not on the floor. She played and is already sleeping ...
    As she said to be afraid or splashing water, this disrespect and fear, why scare a cat if you can do smarter and then you will have peace all the time and not walk around your house in socks and not look back ...

  • Our bite, but did not scratch, although the claws to him anyway sheared with a special clipper once a week - it is very convenient and the claws in cats do not peel and do not hurt after it.
    When ours was biting, we hissed loudly at him and said: “It is impossible! Fu! ”- now it doesn’t gnaw at my hands, but it’s clear that it suffers our stroking through I can’t ...
    Unfortunately, cats as humans are affectionate, but there are indifferent.
    Our Styopa is affectionate in the morning and when he wants to eat. But we LOVE him anyway!
    Without a cat, life is not the same! :)

  • I wean the kitten to scratch and bite like this: I hold his head in his hands and hold it - after that she stops scratching me with her paw and does not try to bite me.

  • Surely, a cat scratched you more than once, and you know how unpleasant the consequences are - the wounds heal for a long time, and they do not look aesthetically pleasing. This issue is especially relevant for families in which cats and children live together.

  • Thanks for the article and interesting tips. But it became especially interesting - "finger deepen" slightly. I think they should wean the discomfort (petty 6 weeks, painfully bites when playing, obviously the gums still itch, but since petty we have recently - I'm afraid to scare). With age, after complete taming, I will try a cat house with a toy.
    I believe that at our age (6 weeks), at the time of getting used to the family, you need to be especially tactful and at the same time as attentive to inclinations and habits as possible.

  • I beg of you! Muzzle in such cases must be given! If a cat (kitten) bites - only in the Muzzle! He should immediately have an association, that if he bites, he will receive a mug. I have a Thai cat. The beast is still that. It was small - bit to the BLOOD and me and the child CONSTANTLY. When I realized that after bites I would receive - what happened! Now the MOST affectionate cat in the world! I have never met such lapuloks in my life. NEVER bite either me or the baby. He can squeeze him for a day - to the cat only in PLEASURE. It doesn’t even go anywhere; And EVERY night sleeps with him. And you are musi-pusi. And you will ALWAYS have hands in your blood - legs, if you do not wean IMMEDIATELY. But it will grow - the bites will become WHERE deeper and more serious. TEACH, not piss. These are ANIMALS, not cute stuffed animals.

    • Edik, you had to have a bulldog, not a cat.
      In the case of a dog (and its increased pain threshold), the “in the face” option is upbringing.
      And in the case of a cat - sadism.
      You probably beat women when they show character? To know their place? ;)

      Yes, hurting certainly works
      But other methods work.
      So the preference for beating upbringing is the choice of the owner, and not the need.

      (For example, I weaned my cats to scratch, pressing each time on the middle of the paw, between the fingers. Not much. Without blows in the face ... They stopped scratching at all. Now they are also claws and cuties, although earlier the character was, to put it mildly, wild).

      By the way, if you beat your child so that you don’t be naughty, be sure to write to me :) I’m a practicing psychologist, it will not be difficult for me to describe in detail for you why it is impossible to beat children and what are not obvious personality changes that are fraught :)

  • Tanyuha Yaroshenko

    We have a sphynx. Honey, when he sleeps. During the games, he attacks his feet, bites my hands, especially my daughter, she is afraid of me. Squirting helps of course, but only at the time of the attack. At the sight of a spray, the eyes begin to screw up their eyes, but the bites continue. I click on my nose, hiss at her, but it seems to me ridiculous, no more. She even shook her scruff once, I know how to get it to the cunning ... I grew up in love and understanding. We took her in 1.5 months, maybe this is the reason. She failed to socialize, her mother did not teach how to behave in society. In short, this is a problem, I do not want to scare the animal, but walking in scratches is not solid.

  • What to do if the kitten is scratched when sitting on its lap. He sits and wrinkles me with his claws, what should I do?

  • When my cat was 3-4 months old and he scratched me, I lightly pressed his legs, rather fixed. It dawned on him pretty quickly. He is already two years old, never scratching his claws. But with my teeth, yes ((

  • Our kitten is not very aggressive and biting, but it happened that he flirted and began to scratch and bite painfully. In such cases, we hissed at him, like a cat-mother hisses at her cubs, or stopped contact with him, removed his hands and did not play. He immediately calmed down and sat in bewilderment. They sprayed water only when he climbed onto the balcony to the flowers. And so those methods completely helped, and now the cat understands where the toy is and where the owner’s hand is. If you scream and peel a cat, it will be scared, it will not love you, and in the best case it will no longer trust and caress you, and in the worst it will take revenge: it is poured into slippers or a bed, and even at night it will jump on your head from dispersal. Cats are touchy and sensitive. Who believes that it is necessary to raise an animal by demonstrating its strength and power, I advise you to go to the gym and compete with people of equal strength and size, and animals are already dependent on the person who takes them to their home, why create unbearable to them conditions? Who advises to beat dogs instead of cats - what are you talking about? For what? You are a person, learn to use brains and at least the knowledge and recommendations that you find in tyrnet, for some reason you went to this site. All patience and love for your pets, and you will be rewarded! :-))

  • Podoplelova Sofya

    At the end of July of this year (2017), I was walking with friends and we heard the writings of two kittens in the grass. It looked like they were 1-1.5 months old. I could not resist and took one, the other took a friend. Now my redhead Felix is ​​2-2.5. An ordinary yard kitten, but it is wild. Tell me how to wean him scratch and bite? He runs around all day scratching, biting, only sleeping at night next to me. How to tame it? Make it home?


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