How to wean a kitten to spoil anywhere

When a kitten appears in the house and it is still unknown whether it will be a small fluffy imp or an affectionate companionable frog, meet it fully armed, that is, you need to determine in advance its place for toilet, sleep and food. But what if the kitten does not recognize the conventions and how an experienced sapper leaves traces of his life in places not intended for this? Here are some tips to help you wean a kitten to crap in the wrong place.

12 tips to teach a kitten to a tray

If you suspect that the kitten wants to use the toilet, you need to take it to the tray.
  1. For the most part, kittens quickly learn to go where they need to, if they show them the correct example of handling the tray. This is usually done by a cat-mother, but if she is not there, you should become such a role model. When the animal begins to fuss and it is clear that it is about to slip away to quietly do its job, take it to the tray. Then, when the result of feline efforts appears in the tray, show the kitten how to bury them, imitating the usual feline movements.
  2. For each successful “hit” in the tray, praise the kitten and give him a treat to form a positive relationship between the need to empty and the tray.
  3. Soak urine with a napkin and let the kitten sniff it. Then take the napkin to the tray and leave it there. Again, let him smell the napkin in the tray.
  4. Experiment with cat litter . Perhaps your pet did not like the type of filler with which the tray is filled, and therefore relieves his need where necessary. Suitable options can be ordinary sand, cut paper, sawdust, a special filler from the store. Do not forget that the absorption resource of any filler is not unlimited, and update the contents of the tray in time.
  5. See if the kitten is comfortable on the tray . If he is in the toilet, is the door always open there?
  6. Set up several trays in places that suit you. Perhaps the kitten will choose one of them, and then the rest can be tried to be removed.
  7. Wash and spray the places where the kitten likes to go for needs with a special spray. There are both remedies that eliminate the smell of urine , and those that have an unpleasant odor for cats. It is better to use both, and either choose a tool that combines these properties.
  8. Make sure that the kitten is not sick and not stressed. Sometimes animals begin to write in unexpected places, because something hurts them or they thus express their protest.
  9. When catching a kitten at a crime scene, try gently spraying it with water. Cats do not like water procedures, and the kitten will quickly realize that you do not approve of its behavior. It is not recommended to poke a kitten with its nose into its excrement - your relationship is just beginning to be built and such an act will cause only misunderstanding and anger.
  10. You can block access to a "favorite" place by moving a closet onto it, or by closing the room for a while until the animal learns to relieve the need for a pot.
  11. After the kitten has eaten, give him a light massage of the tummy. Your gentle strokes should imitate the licking of the cat-mother , they stimulate the functioning of the intestines, and the baby will recover after the massage in the place where you put it, and not where you have to.
  12. You can also put a bowl of food in the place affected by the kitten. Cats do not piss where they eat. However, the minus of this method is that no one will stop the kitten from choosing a new place.

We hope that the above tips will help you to wean a kitten to shit anywhere and to accustom him to the tray. Do not try to follow all the tips at the same time. The kitten learns gradually, so the repeatability of attempts is important, not the enumeration of various methods. If you settled on any one method, try it at least 10 times to understand whether it worked or not.

Your reaction for the kitten should be predictable, that is, if you scold him for a puddle in an unauthorized place, this should be repeated every time.

If the great cat tamer is sleeping in you, it is better to let him sleep there and further. Remember that cats can always circumvent any established strict rules and penalties, relieving the need for inaccessible and unexpected place for you. At the same time, if you show the kitten that you care about him and try for his good, he will thank you with obedience and respond with mutual feelings.

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  • Previously, it often turned out past the tray, so past that the tray was in the bath, and the cat walked in the kitchen .... Scolded, punished. But he will be offended, and then he will spite evil. The tray sniffs, and goes off somewhere else. Then she decided to put the filler in the tray. I bought a woody one, I didn’t go, then Silica gel Fresh & Easy. On the first day no reaction, shit in the kitchen. But from the second day he started going to the tray, and that’s as if he always went to the tray. Here is the answer.

  • All this is nonsense. If he wants to go to one and the same place (where he doesn’t need to), then he will go there, even if he is smooth, at least poke his nose.

  • When they found the kitten, the first two weeks simply lived in the toilet. Together with a kitten. He was then about 3 weeks old. He ate - they took him to a pot (saying: “To a pot, not a pot”), they put him. Escaped. Once again planted. Escaped. If he runs away five times, then he doesn’t want to. We walked, played. Started poking around the corners - repeat the procedure.
    Of course, this is stressful. These weeks were the only thing they did. Now we are 2 months old - everything is fine. Sometimes we carry it “on the pot” in our hands, but very rarely. He walks by himself. Sometimes, also rarely, “misses by,” next to the tray. But these are one-time cases. It happens that we put it on the tray at night with the words “on the potty” (we put it in a box for now, in order to avoid self-harm, and if we get up at night in the toilet and he hears and meows, we take it away), he honestly sits down and does it attempts to “do the job”, although the result makes it clear that “I didn’t really want to”))


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