How to wean a cat from artificial feed

Good day to all lovers of cats and, concurrently, visitors and readers of the blog "Cat-Revolution". Here again the topic came up, it would seem, traveled along and across. How to feed cats: artificial food or natural products?

What is artificial feed?

About artificial food for cats is also written and said to date abound. But basically it's a discussion about which feed is better: premium or economy class? Which is cheaper and what do cats eat better? The question is rarely raised whether a cat should be fed artificial feed at all.

Basically, canned food and “drying” for a cat are bought because we are lazy. Yes, yes, let's call a spade a spade. First of all, we take care of ourselves. In the case of purchasing artificial feed, we do not bother our heads with the question "what to give the cat for dinner." I bought canned food, opened it, poured it into a bowl - and that’s it. Minimum costs of thought processes and time.

Natural feed is healthier than artificial.

Advertising feeds also contributed a lot to their popularity and somewhat distorted our understanding of the cat's diet. Thanks to advertising, we know for certain that cats simply "need" cereals and other silage. But let me remind you that a cat is a carnivorous predator that by definition cannot become a vegetarian.

In order to understand what the finished feed should consist of, you can recall what the cat menu in the village consists of (as close to natural conditions as possible). Basically, these are small rodents, less often birds, even less often fish, insects (moths and grasshoppers). All this is divided into:

  • meat - animal proteins;
  • bones and skin - calcium and phosphorus.

All that is contained in the victim’s stomach is plant fiber and grain. Separately, cats eat grass occasionally for reasons of maintaining their health.

Sour-milk products of a cat do not eat by themselves. Only kittens in their feline childhood, and if the person gives. Raw milk in the stomach of an adult cat turns up almost immediately and is not absorbed.

What follows from all of the above? That, ideally, the feed should contain all these ingredients in natural proportions. Namely:

  • meat - 45%;
  • animal protein (egg or milk) - 20%;
  • viscera, bones, offal - 10%;
  • plant components (vegetables, cereals) - 20%;
  • the rest is natural mineral supplements and vitamins - another 5%.

But ideal feeds, unfortunately, do not exist. In production, they would be too expensive and unprofitable.

So what do we (or rather cats) are offered as cheaper feed production? In order not to be unfounded, we just read what is written in small letters on a jar or a bag of food:

  • chemical preservatives, sugar substitutes and antioxidants (without them, nowhere);
  • offal (in principle, it’s good, but who can guarantee that blood or feather flour, tails, veins and other wastes from slaughterhouses do not go there);
  • colorants, flavor enhancers;
  • fillers (cellulose, soy, starch).

Well how?

If the presence of chemical components is at the very least reflected on the labels, then offal and fillers are somewhat more complicated. The legislation of many countries does not say at all that a manufacturing company is obliged to indicate a complete list of what is included in offal. And what may be hidden under this wording, no one knows.

All appetizers of the budget line with offal of “plant and animal origin” cats eat with great appetite due to the presence of generously sprinkled flavors. It is hardly worth talking about their usefulness. More likely, on the contrary.

Cats sit on artificial feeds and then not only do not eat anything other than “drying”, they also often have health problems:

  • then the metabolism is disturbed, and the cats are fattening before our eyes;
  • then tumors develop for no reason;
  • and even some British Viscount de Brazhelon suddenly dies from liver or kidney failure due to long-term and excessive consumption of food.

So how to wean a cat from artificial feed and switch to natural food

If you have patience, then the cat's diet can be changed.

Therefore, many cat lovers either initially try not to give cats food, or are wondering how to transfer the cat to natural food.

When we got our first cat, Muska, we (what a sin to conceal) treated and spoiled her with Wiskas and Perfect Fit. And then it turned out that Muska refuses all types of food, preferring to wait until we buy food. And then there are growing rumors and news that feed is not safe.

In short, we decided to wean the cat from food and give her natural food. There it was. Muska was already accustomed to deliciously smelling pillows and stubbornly waited for them, rejecting and avoiding bowls with sausage or fish. I took a tough stance, despite my wife’s protests and her threat to appeal to the animal rights court. The supply of feed sharply stopped, and the cat, which is called "cut off oxygen." Every day I offered Muske several times to choose either meat, or sausage, or fish. She sniffed, but did not touch, continuing to beg for food (which was not) with cries.

This went on for a day, two, three ... a week. The hungry cat screams and persuasion of the wife does not torment the unfortunate animal. But the main thing is to remain adamant at this moment. Once you give a concession - that's all, the second time you can not start. The cat will be absolutely sure that sooner or later she will receive food.

“Hunger is not aunt, hunger is uncle. Hunger is a big man! ”Such epithets are not in vain. No matter what happens, the very first instinct of the animal is self-preservation. Live! At all costs, by all means, only live! No animal in their right mind will starve to death if there is even the slightest opportunity to support their lives. In the frozen tundra, beyond the Arctic Circle, wild dogs with hunger gnaw at the frozen feces of their former brethren in pieces, just not to kill them. So here, in a warm house, on a cozy sofa, a cat will not die of hunger in front of a bowl full of natural food, just because Viskas wants to. Believe me.

After a week and a half hunger strike, the cat began to eat boiled meat. Further - more, she figured out what fish and porridge are. Today we do not know what artificial feeds are and are completely indifferent to jars and sachets of food attractively put up on the shelves. To our second cat, Marsik, we initially gave only natural food.

What am I, so smart, feeding my cats

I tell:

  • boiled meat (beef, chicken);
  • duck and goose liver (heart, kidneys) when cutting poultry, in boiled form;
  • boiled fish (hake, pollock, blue whiting);
  • milk porridge (semolina, rice);
  • porridge with canned fish (saury);
  • soup on meat broth with carrots and meat;
  • Borsch with sour cream;
  • cottage cheese with sour cream (does not always go, but I give it regularly);
  • meatballs with stewed vegetables;
  • boiled sausage (sausages "milk", "amateur", sausage "doctor").

That's basically it. Although no, not all:

  • In summer, sometimes I bring them grass from the garden and cats “graze” in the hunt.
  • For the winter, I prepared a bunch of natural hay for them.
  • Well, there is still a box with vitamins.

Now it’s all. And look at the photo of cats . How strong and healthy they are. None of them are obese, despite the breed’s tendency. Cats are lean, agile and athletic.

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  • Svetlana Bobrovskaya

    We feed our wrong. They love meat and all meat products - liver, chicken (but not sausage and sausages!) At the same time they eat and prepared food. Kysya loves to indulge in dry food at night or at night, little by little, like crackers, and the cloud eats only soft canned food. They always choose the natural if there is a choice, but can do with canned food if there is no choice. It is believed that this is impossible, but it turned out just like that.

      • Svetlana Bobrovskaya

        Veterinarians and breeders do not approve. I do not know why. After all, people eat canned food and fresh food.

        • Different enzymes are needed to digest feed and natural foods. the cat's body does not have time to rebuild, and a large load on the liver is obtained.

        • Kot-obormot

          Here it is! In this case, everything is true, it is necessary to separate natural and artificial nutrition.

  • But I was interested in the BARF nutrition system, according to which Victoria Vospyanskaya in her interview told that she feeds her cats. Now I am collecting Old to write about it at home :)

  • Kot-obormot

    Interesting interesting! I was not too lazy and found a couple of descriptions of what the BARF system is.
    In principle, this is the same as I described the composition of the ideal food from the British cat directory. Even the proportions of the ingredients are almost the same. So BARF is good nutrition, judging by the description.

    • Svetlana Bobrovskaya

      This is a well balanced diet. What if my people don’t eat it? Do not feed anything else? They scream and refuse the offer. They eat meat, but they don’t eat any vegetables except green peas and boiled carrots and then a little bit.

      • Kot-obormot

        Of course they scream. Already accustomed to tasty and odorous canned goods and “dryers”. And expect only this. And they should eat peas and carrots a little bit, not spoons. They are predators and not rabbits :)

  • Kot-obormot

    And if you mix all these ingredients? Here they will not eat my carrots separately. And meatballs (meat + cabbage + carrot) in a stew, wrinkle, but eat.

    • Svetlana Bobrovskaya

      I tried, downloaded the proper nutrition recipe, cooked food according to the rules, do not eat. Screaming, but not eating. Waiting for meat. By the way, our veterinarian said that these are quite normal cats, and if they eat fresh meat, then there will be no health problems. On that and calmed down. Sour cream and cottage cheese are eaten only from the children's kitchen (there are definitely no chemicals and preservatives there) and occasionally I give quail eggs.

      • Kot-obormot

        Well, they should eat meat. Darwinism, anyway! And the vet will not advise bad. So your cats are okay, they eat normally.

  • Sausage and sausages. Porridge with fish. Borsch with sour cream (with salt for sure, right?)
    Nothing to say, great food. I am terrified.

  • My cat got hooked on this “narcotics” of course I blame myself only for that. I went to an experienced veterinarian and he advised me of a trick that she gave up on the second day at night (although she didn’t eat at night). Buy in a store baby food under the name "Gerber" (it’s either Rabbit or Turkey) and believe me, she won’t resist it as if she didn’t want food. She will walk around the bowl all day long to lick or bury, and then eat! I checked this advice even with your friend whose cat has been eating dry food for 10 years! Feed Gerbe r for two weeks putting any natural products (fish, meat) in the second bowl. If the animal has at least a little bit of food, pet him and play with him (they understand this as a reward). After 2 months of such nutrition, she will completely switch to natural products !! ! If your animal drops a lot of hair (usually when feeding dry food), buy kitty milk milk powder for kittens; it contains all the proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals for the animal; after feeding, the hair will stop falling out. All of these tips saved my animal from r I hope they help you all! I wish you good luck and I advise you not to feed your pet when this poison is poisonous. My veterinarian said that it’s the same as having eaten whole crackers from packs and instant pasta all our lives! Thanks to everyone For your attention, I wish you all your pets to be healthy!

  • Hello, I feed my cat "Zhora" with canned food almost from my childhood, and now when he was one year old he began to burp and not even take canserba, and I realized that he had ruined his stomach, I was trying to switch it to natural food, but he refuses to eat it in every way, and I I strongly sprinkle all kinds of soup through a syringe, milk, do you think it’s worth feeding him forcibly or waiting for repentance he will start to eat? I’m just afraid that he will cease to eat and die at all .. tell me what to do.


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