Interactive feeders - getting food!

The cat was brought. Accustomed to the tray . Food has finally been chosen . But sometimes there are certain problems associated with nutrition, even if the food with an impeccable composition.

Cats, unlike dogs, are selective creatures and are picky about food. Both at home and in the wild, they prefer to eat a few times a day for a little bit. The number of meals a cat reaches up to 20 times a day, that is, cats eat both day and night. They are constantly in the process of tracking down prey. Knowing this, veterinarians and felinologists advise to leave the feed in the public domain - the cat herself will decide when to eat it.
Interactive Cat Feeders
But if in the wild in order to catch prey, you need to sweat a lot: track down, catch, kill, and after all not every hunting attempt will be successful - then in the conditions of an apartment there are no such difficulties. As well as special physical activities.

Hamster cats

Sometimes eating disorders occur, and some kind of hamster cats are found. They literally "hamster" around the clock, chew everything that is not pinned, and what is pinned - peel and chew. In two sittings, they devour the daily feed rate and require more. Begging at the dining table, making eyes like that of a cat from Shrek and meowing heart-rendingly, as if hunger was looming on the horizon.

Unfortunately, most owners in such cases believe that heresy is written on the package, and the cat does not eat up with “breadcrumbs”. “Poor thing, he’s asking!” - hear the veterinarians at the reception from year to year when they take out something formless, barely breathing, well, if not incense, from the carry.

Overfeeding and, as a result, obesity - the scourge of cats in the last 15 years, especially in developed countries. Obesity entails even more serious problems:

Not yet taken

There is another problem - the cat eats too fast. He doesn’t gnaw croquettes, swallowing them whole, as if someone were taking them. Together with food, air is swallowed (aerophagy), and from this such ailments arise:

  • nausea;
  • bloating;
  • flatulence;
  • vomiting

How to be

Interactive Cat Feeders
Sometimes this behavior can be explained by street or shelter life in the past, then gradually the problem will come to naught. If you have several animals and often have a brawl at the bowl for a tidbit - just feed the animals separately in different rooms. It happens that fast ingestion of food occurs due to small croquet food, you can try changing the food to another, with larger “crackers”.

But today we decided to tell you about a more interesting solution - interactive feeders! They will not only help solve the problems of rapid ingestion and obesity, but also turn food intake into an exciting game and a real hunt!

The main task of the interactive feeder-feeder is to make your cat move its brains, work its paws and eat just as much as it has the strength and ingenuity.

Types of feeders

Interactive Cat Feeders
I have met so far:

  1. High-grade feeders of various designs.
  2. Jigsaw Puzzles.
  3. Movable toys-dispensers of treats.

Feeders are usually made of plastic. They need care like ordinary dishes - rinsing under water. Some can be washed in the dishwasher.

Bowl NORTHMATE Catch (Denmark)

Interactive Cat Feeders -NORTHMATE
Perhaps the most famous and sensational. Made of bright purple plastic in the form of spikes-blades of grass, between which food is scattered. The cat will have to make a lot of efforts to get delicious pieces.

It is possible to use wet feed.

Puzzle feeding trough CATIT DESIGN SENSES FOOD MAZE (Germany)

It is a three-story structure with holes made of plastic. Poking the paws into wide enough holes, the cat will be able to get croquettes, or push them to the through hole in the middle - thus, the food will fall into the wide base-cup and will be eaten with excitement.

The feeder has an anti-slip rubber mat and can be washed in a dishwasher.

TRIXIE Feeder Tunnel (Germany)

Interactive cat feeders -TRIXIE
It consists of a capacious bowl located on a wide base with rubberized legs, from which wide tubes extend. The thermoplastic material of the toy is odorless and completely safe.

The feed is poured into the bowl and closed with a tight lid. Exploring the design, the cat will stick its paws into the pipes, trying to get to the prey.

The developing toy for cats 5 in 1 Trixie Fun Board (Germany)

Interactive Cat Feeders - Trixie Fun Board
A real game complex that will turn your cat into a genius. A joke, of course, but it looks really amazing. A wide platform of safe, high-quality plastic is divided into zones. On it are located a labyrinth, and small open containers, and a tunnel. Your home bbw will have to move your brain well to get yourself some delicious crackers or goodies.

The toy does not have sharp corners, so it is suitable even for kids. Easy to clean under running water with a little detergent or in the dishwasher.

Interactive batcher toy FUNKITTY TWIST 'N TREAT (USA)

Interactive Cat Feeders - FUNKITTY TWIST 'N TREAT
It has two twisting parts with a hole for the "filling" in the middle - like a sandwich. Dry food is poured inside, you can adjust the hole as you wish. The toy is suitable for both kittens and adult couches.

The toy has no sharp corners and is absolutely safe, suitable for washing in a dishwasher.

CATIT TREAT BALL batcher (Germany)

Interactive Cat Feeders -CATIT TREAT BALL
A versatile and very simple toy in the form of a small translucent ball. Inside you can fill the feed - then your pet will receive a reward for his exercises, or you can fill the rice, coins or peas and close the hole, then the ball will be just a noisy and funny toy .


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