Furminator for cats: what is it?

What unites absolutely all owners of furry pets? The first thing that comes to mind is a crazy love for domestic animals. Yes, the answer, of course, is correct, but there is also the flip side to the medal of home keeping cats - scraps of wool lying around.

It would seem a little nuisance, but it can spoil the mood of the most patient hostess. It is unlikely that anyone likes the dubious pleasure of spending all day hugging with a vacuum cleaner or brush, cleaning carpets, furniture and clothes from cat hair tightly adhered to them.

More recently, a know-how has appeared in pet stores that can once and for all solve the “woolly” problem - the furminator.

Furminator - what is it?

The device was invented in America as a result of joint work between breeders and veterinarians. In appearance, it is somewhat reminiscent of a trimmer used by hairdressers to cut hair.

Manual miracle comb is designed to remove dead hairs located in the deep layers of the coat. It is recommended to use the accessory during intensive molting of the animal.

According to the creators of the device, in just a couple of applications, the animal can get rid of almost all the wool that has accumulated in the fur coat. As a result, solid pluses emerge:

  • the owner doesn’t have to vacuum the apartment for days,
  • and the cat is not threatened with a blockage of the intestines, bezoars accumulated in it.

In addition, the periodic use of an impromptu comb prevents the formation of warlocks.

How does the furminator work?

The principle of operation of the furminator is quite simple:

  • special cloves firmly capture the fallen part of the undercoat,
  • they pull it to the surface, while healthy hair is not damaged.

The owner can only remove the fluffy shred from the blade and safely throw it in the bin.

What are the host?

furminator for cats what is it The aforementioned animal care product is available in several versions, which differ only in the size of the working surface and the length of the cloves. The device is selected individually - it all depends on the breed, the degree of fluffiness and the size of the pet.

At the moment, in pet stores you can find three types of furminators: mini, medium and maxi.

For combing cats, the smallest apparatus with a blade width of not more than 4-6 cm is suitable. The remaining sizes are mainly used for dogs of medium and large breeds, well, or for very large cats .

When choosing a device for your pet, do not forget to take into account the length of the cloves:

  • short ones are suitable for shorthair breeds,
  • accordingly longer for cats with a longer pile of fur.

Today, on the Russian market, one can find both original furminators and simply “mechanical” combs (in the common people of the windbreaker) that copy world-class devices. The most popular are the devices of the following companies:

  • Furminator INC (Deluxe or Classic) - original. By the way, the two models differ only in automatic and manual collection of removed shreds of wool. Regular use improves blood circulation in the skin, restores the structure of the coat, stimulates the production of subcutaneous fat, which makes the coat soft and silky.
  • Trixie - everything would be fine, but periodically requires a blade change, the cost of which is equal to half the cost of the device.
  • HelloPet - made in Taiwan.
  • Foole is a rather unusual product due to its bright colors and not quite standard design.

Usage Tips

furminator for cats reviews The effective removal of hairs that have fallen out, but are retained in the undercoat, largely depends on the proper use of the furminator. There is a simple instruction, adhering to which you can achieve excellent results:

  • it is forbidden to use the device in the presence of any even the smallest damage on the skin of the animal (cracks, scratches, ulcers, etc.);
  • the existing warlocks are cut with scissors;
  • previously, the pet is thoroughly combed using a regular brush (if desired, the animal can be bathed );
  • driven by the finisher slowly and without separation in the direction of hair growth. The abdominal area is especially carefully treated around the anus, where very delicate and thin skin - a sharp movement will cause severe pain to the pet.

How often is it used?

Experts advise using a furminator no more than 2-3 times a month during intensive molting. This is enough to remove 90% of dead hairs. After the first use, the result is noticeable: it becomes much cleaner in the house, and you can play with your pet safely, without fear for the neatness of the clothes.

Stop breeds for the furminator

I would like to immediately warn that there are breeds in which the use of a furminator is contraindicated. These include cats without undercoat: Turkish Angora, Turkish Van, Raggamafin, Oriental, Burmese, Bombay and many others.

Furminator for cats: owner reviews

furminator for cats reviews Mostly reviews about this product are positive.

  • Almost all owners note a decrease in the amount of wool on furniture, carpets and clothes.
  • The fur coat becomes more shiny, and the cat looks neat.
  • The use of the host eliminates the need to visit grooming salons, the price of services in which is often unreasonably high.

In principle, all these reviews are more like advertising slogans, but I want to hear the real opinion of real users. And here is what I managed to find out.

Cat lover writes:

“I got this miracle device, because an ordinary comb helped a little. The finisher really combes a lot more wool, but not all. Perhaps due to my non-systematic approach to the issue. But still, the house became cleaner. To achieve a greater effect, immediately after the procedure I collect the remains of hairs from the cat's coat with wet hands. In principle, we can recommend, but not all animals agree to stoically tolerate this type of combing, so it’s better to train from childhood. ”

But there is another opinion:

“Purchase of a host - money wasted.”

The owner of the Siberian cat notes:

“His Siberian was always scratched with a brush. They picked up a yard, but the usual comb could not cope with his hair. I had to buy a device - it became easier: now you don’t have to do wet cleaning every day. ”

Opinion of another owner:

“In the people this thing is called“ rake ”or“ slicker ”. We scratch only the two of us: one distracts and holds the limbs, while the other combes at this time. Every time an incredible amount of wool is collected, but the undercoat does not seem to end: everything climbs and climbs. ”

Well, the last opinion for thought:

“I have a shave. I scratch the host in a day - it does not help. I think the reason is that not only does the undercoat shed, but also the outer hair, too! ”

In general, the opinion about this grooming device is ambiguous. Buy this device or not - decide for yourself. And if you suddenly purchased, share your opinion with the readers of the blog.

Furminator video review for cats:

Comments: 2

  • We purchased this device, the original furminator. And at first they used Chinese. There is a difference with the original, although Chinese copes with its function. The finisher really combes out a lot of dead hair, but to comb it all out is unrealistic. The cat does not really scratch the stomach. And about the hind legs and tail, there’s no question - we scratch it with a fight. It’s good that the cat is non-aggressive. The hair of the cat has become a sight for sore eyes, even now at the exhibition. The breed is Neva Masquerade. We do not regret buying a furminator, although the price bites.

  • The first impression is a complete horror. It's like shaving a cat, but not immediately and baldly, but a little bit. How many do not spend in the same place - wool, wool and wool. Frrr ... Well, it is very similar to shaving with a trimmer, only "in a slow way." Can they lie about combing out? The undercoat is stuck between two rows of blades - you hold the fuminator forward, and the soft and delicate undercoat bends and cuts off. That’s all wisdom. And longer and thicker ones simply do not fall into this alteration. Even the sound is disgusting, as if you are not scratching, but shaving.
    Let's see what happens next .. both with the cat and with us from this terrible procedure.
    Bought an American in Beethoven.


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