Cat Euthanasia: Humanity Issues

No need to explain to anyone what euthanasia is? But just in case, it’s worth voicing the concept: euthanasia is the intentional killing of an animal with the help of medications.

In our country, the law on the rules for euthanizing cats does not exist, except for the poorly functioning legislation on cruelty to animals. Despite the imperfection of the system, a person should always remain human and understand that the procedure is humane only when the pet is deprived of life for health reasons: severe pain and torment are incompatible with life. In all other cases, euthanasia is a crime!

When is a cat euthanasia recommended?

There are strict indications for euthanasia.

Not a single professional doctor will kill an animal at the whim of the owner, only because the cat is deaf / blind, defecates in the wrong place or meows heartily during the last heat . For any medical procedure, there are indications, the same applies to our question.

The main reasons for euthanasia is such a quality of life for a cat when no pain medication and pain medication can alleviate the animal’s physical torment, and the prognosis of the outcome of the disease is poor. These conditions include:

  • oncology in the last stages of development or tumors that disrupt the functioning of organs and systems;
  • injuries incompatible with life;
  • in some cases, a senile age contributes to a positive decision.

As for traumatic pathologies, they approach the issue of euthanasia with special care and after a full competent examination of the animal. No one disputes that with multiple fractures, ruptures of tissues or bruises, the cat experiences pain and suffering, but, as a rule, after proper treatment, health is restored and life continues.

A vivid example is the story that happened with one of the yard cats. After an accident, his jaw was crushed and his skull was broken. The owners, wanting to get rid of the burden, threw the poor man into neighboring bushes in the hope of his speedy death. What was their surprise when, after a few days, the dying pet crawled under the door, begging for help. There was nothing left to do, how to begin treatment. Surprisingly, the cat got out!

The decision to artificially kill a pet is made only after examining the animal and with full confidence in the hopelessness of the situation!

Cat euthanasia at home or in the clinic

Naturally, a veterinarian should do the euthanasia and only he! But where exactly is up to the owner: for a fee, the specialist will always come home. Leaving a life in the home environment of a pet is probably a better solution, since the animal will not be subjected to additional stress. Usually, professionals do not allow the owner to be present at the killing, so as not to aggravate the depressed mental state of the client.

There are still people trying to euthanize a cat at home without the help of a veterinarian. This is great stupidity and a rash act! Buying a safe medication on your own is problematic, and in some cases impossible. The use of improvised means to stop breathing or heart will cause agony in the cat, the sight of which not everyone can handle.

And certainly it is impossible to resort to cruel methods of euthanasia: drowning, asphyxiation, electric shock or the introduction into the body of toxic (potent substances) that are unable to provide a painless departure to another world. Such actions amount to murder!

How does euthanasia occur?

Before the euthanasia, the animal is injected into anesthesia.

The euthanasia procedure is divided into two stages: first, the animal is injected into anesthesia, and then a special substance is injected that blocks the work of vital organs (heart and lungs) or gradually increase the effect of the drug until the body is completely stopped - clinical death.

When choosing a veterinarian to kill, be sure to specify the drugs with which he works. The fact is that there are several schemes and not all of them can be called humane in relation to animals.

In no case should you agree to an euthanasia with the help of muscle relaxants (ditilin, xylazine, killin, etc.) without first using narcotic and painkillers. The principle of action of the drugs is to relax the muscles, including the muscles of the heart and lungs. The cat or cat is conscious, they feel pain, but they cannot move. As a result, an outwardly calm animal dies in terrible agony from suffocation.

Psychological moment

Voluntarily agreeing to the death of a best friend, essentially a native creature, is very difficult, but in some cases it is really necessary. Avoid or at least reduce remorse about the decision made after a thorough examination of the animal, when the doctor, or rather a consultation of veterinary specialists, confirms the futility of further treatment. The opinion of professionals will help to overcome mental pain and decide on a fatal injection, thereby freeing the pet from unbearable physical suffering.

Animal Euthanasia and Religion

Believers ask themselves: is it possible to equate a cat's sleep to death with deadly sin? There is no definite answer. Some clergymen believe that euthanasia is a sin and you cannot go against the will of God, who endowed the living being with suffering. Others, on the contrary, sharing the souls of man and animal, are of the opinion that euthanasia of a cat is a blessing that helps a pet to get rid of worldly torment.

In any case, the heavy burden of deliberate deprivation of life lies on the shoulders of the decision maker and the person who implemented it. Only by acting according to the laws of conscience, being confident in the inevitability of the pathological process, you can achieve peace of mind and not worry about what you have done.

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  • Well, damn it, you give! Chickens can be killed for meat, but a cat, you see, only for medical reasons! The same animal as the rest and nothing to let snot.

  • What if a cat has urinary incontinence in a dream? When in the apartment, apart from the cat, small children live and the smell becomes unbearable? When are sofas, blankets, a puddle on the dining table described? And at the same time the cat is quite well-fed. They cannot make a diagnosis, there is no cure. To a shelter, to a painful death? At the cottage acquaintances of a domestic, elderly cat? So the dogs will tear it there. What to do when there is a cat on one side of the scale, and on the other children living in unsanitary conditions and constant stench?

  • We do not start a cat or dog as meat, but as a companion animal. And by this acceptance we assume certain obligations.
    Although, of course, the ethics of the relationship between humans and animals is an extremely complex issue. Especially considering that animals are a very broad concept. Higher mammals are largely “almost human” in terms of how they experience pain, etc. And fish, for example, generally do not feel pain in our understanding because of the much more primitive nervous system. The mentioned chicken is probably somewhere between (did not go into their neurophysiology).
    Naturally, this is my personal opinion, and not professional (I am not a biologist, and with regards to the peculiarities of the physiology of different species, I could be wrong).


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