The most beautiful cat in the world

Cats are one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. In ancient Egypt they were worshiped as gods. In our time, sympathy for these animals has not diminished, but it has slightly changed. Cats or "kote" have won, if not the whole world, then the virtual world for sure, and entirely. What other animal looks so intently with countless avatars, postcards and drawings? Of course, this is a cat.

I also noticed one interesting detail: neither Chinese, nor Polish, nor domestic masters of tailoring children's toys managed to create a single beautiful soft toy in the shape of a cat. What is is difficult to identify as a cat. Most often, a price tag helps with this “identification”. For some reason, toy copies of cats are like anyone except, in fact, themselves.

And another paradox: man calls dogs his best friends, but loves Murzik and Murok more. Is this the reason for the eternal war between cats and dogs? Recognizing the charm of a cat, people even organize peculiar beauty contests for them.

The most beautiful cat

At the World Cat Show (2011), held in Poznan, Poland, the most beautiful cat in the world was named. They became the green-eyed handsome Negus from the Swedish city of Bastad. The panel of judges was fascinated by his unusual, as if human, gaze of narrowed eyes.

Interestingly, Negus is by no means a representative of a long-haired brethren. He won the nomination “Shorthair Castrated Cat”.

The most beautiful breeds

Ashera is one of the most expensive cats in the world.

Among the cat breeds that have achieved a greater location of people, they most often call Asher, Bengal and Persian. Asher, in addition to being very beautiful, is also one of the most expensive cats in the world. Not far away from their beautiful neighbors, and a little Singapore, resembling a toy.

However, in my opinion, to call any breed the most beautiful is a little wrong. After all, they don’t argue about tastes, and each catman has his own opinion, sometimes radically different from the generally accepted one. Someone likes bald sphinxes in knitted blouses, and someone compares them with rats.

Well, each individual cat lover has long had an ideal cat image. And most often this standard in all respects coincides with a real cat person who honored his modest home with his presence. :) Even if this cat at a tender age was picked up by a friable kitten on the street, it is the best and most beautiful for its owner!

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  • I do not agree that cats are one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. They are the most beautiful creatures on the planet!

    • Beautiful something beautiful. Only if they are not bald. I personally cannot shudder at the breeds of cats that are completely hairless. Brrr ...

      • I also didn’t like bald cats before, but now I like it on the contrary :) I would have brought myself a sphinx. There is something in them and the silhouette due to the lack of smoothing wool is very specific, sharp.

  • I believe that the most beautiful cat or cat does not happen because for every person there is a beautiful cat or cat

  • I have a long-haired lop-eared but I also like sphinxes, they sleep with their host in an embrace and like to sit on their arms (bask) and are very smart :)

  • the most beautiful breed in the world is Abyssinian. They are very kind and affectionate, curious, very smart and quick-witted, kind, and their green eyes against the background of red hair make them simply irresistible.


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